Frenzy and Other Additions
Introduction of new Event called Frenzy. It doubles your profession and fighting experience while it is active. Also introduction of voting system, sometimes we need help with important decisions and your opinions matter to us. Two new things added to Clans - Clan Vault and Clan Log. Clan Vault has limit of 20 items, it is easier to share your equipment between clan mates this way. Clan Log added because a lot of players needed help tracking clan activity. You can buy pickaxes in the general shop now, they give you small chance of getting precious gems while mining.
✬ Frenzy Event.
✬ Voting System.
✬ Clan Vault and Clan Log.
✬ Pickaxe and Mining Update.
0.68December 2017

Slayer, Dungeons and Quests
Stamina needed to be changed and because of that we are introducing new profession - Slayer. With each Slayer level you will increase your stamina by 2 points. Slayer can be trained by killing assigned monsters. For completing slayer tasks you will earn slayer points with them you will be able to buy stamina and health potions in Slayer shop. Dungeons are fully automatic now and also two new dungeons added - Relentless Cave and Slumbering Hollow. Introduced 31 new quest.
✬ New profession called Slayer.
✬ Two New Dungeons.
✬ 31 more Quest.
0.65November 2017

Clans, Fighting Fields and New Professions
This month was really busy. 10 more quests introduced. Gates of Hell Event created, in this event you can earn plenty of gold and experience. 3 more professions created: Jewelcrafting, Hunter and Crafting. Jewelcrafting will be important for charms. With charms you will be able to increase your Attack, Defense, Experience and Gold gain. With Hunter and Crafting professions you will able to make gloves, boots, capes, bags and consume meat for stamina. Clans created. With clans you will be able to increase your attack and defense, also you will be able to rise the beasts for gold reward. Two New fighting fields - Grim Mountain and Desolated Tombs.
✬ Gates of Hell event.
✬ Three new professions: Jewelcrafting, Hunter and Crafting!
✬ Clans, Clan Buildings and Beasts.
✬ Grim Mountain and Desolated Tombs.
0.6October 2017

Official DragonRip Start
Dragonrip.com officially released for public. Here you will see main updates done in this game monthly. Main features of this version:
✬ DragonRip is officially Open For everyone to register!
✬ Introducing Fighting Fields, Dungeons and 4 professions!
0.5September 2017