Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. You must accept all of these conditions in order to use Dragonrip.com website. If you don't agree with any part, do not use Dragonrip.com website. In the future Dragonrip.com administration may change these Terms and Conditions to improve clarity and consistency.

Intellectual property rights
Unless explicitly permitted by Dragonrip.com administrator, the user is not entitled to modify, reproduce or copy any content made available in the Dragonrip.com website. This includes: data, images, texts, graphics, software code and any other information provided by Dragonrip.com website.

When creating an account, user will be asked to enter Hero name, in other words account name. User must not choose account name that impersonates Dragonrip.com staff or other users. Account name must not be offensive, racist, unlawful or otherwise inappropriate. Dragonrip.com administration reserves the right to make changes to any account name for any reason. Also on registration, user confirms that he/she reached the age of 18 and, for minors, that the consent of their legal representative has been obtained.
Multi-accounts are not permitted, that means user may only have one Dragonrip.com account. Accounts may not be sold, gifted or otherwise transferred without the consent of Dragonrip.com administrator. A user may not share their account and it's details with anyone else. Account holder must always comply with the game rules.

User content
Dragonrip.com administration reserves the right to remove any inappropriate content posted/published/created by user. Inappropriate content considered as:
1. Hateful, threatening, discriminating, sexually explicit or deceptive in any way.
2. Content which infringes the copyright or intellectual property or any other rights.
3. Hyperlinks or connections to third party websites.

Botting and Scripting
The user is prohibited from manipulating the Dragonrip.com game in any way. Under no circumstances may the user create or use scripts, bots, software that alter gaming experience. Users that do not follow this rule will be deleted without warning.

Hacking and other offenses
User must not harm Dragonrip.com website by introducing viruses, trojans or other material which is malicious or technologically harmful. User must never attempt to gain unauthorized access to Dragonrip.com website or it's server and databases. Actions leading to an overload or disruption of the server, like data mining or using software to collect information associated with the game are strictly prohibited.
By trying to harm Dragonrip.com website in any way, user would commit a criminal offense, in the event of such a breach, users right to use Dragonrip.com website will cease immediately, and administration will report any such breach to the relevant law enforcement.

Technical Issues
Usually users will receive notice in advance if any part of Dragonrip.com game is being closed for maintenance, but Dragonrip.com administration is entitled to stop the operation of any part of the game without prior notice if there are urgent technical reasons.

Premium in-game virtual currency: Dragon Tokens
Dragonrip.com website offers user a posibility to buy premium in-game virtual currency called Dragon Tokens, it can also be obtained by doing certain actions in the game. Dragon Tokens can be used to unlock premium features and can only be traded within Dragonrip.com website.
The purchased Dragon Tokens will be added to the user's account immediately after the payment is completed. By buying Dragon Tokens user consents that he/she owns the respective funds and acknowledges that Dragon Tokens do not have any inherent or stored monetary value. We do not provide any refunds for Dragon Tokens, unless required by law, and If Dragonrip.com administration will incur any chargebacks or cancelations arising from the user's conduct, user shall bear costs for the repayment of the fees due and chargeback costs. Depending on the situation, Dragonrip.com administration might also terminate the user's game account.

Deletion of user accounts
Dragonrip.com administrator is authorised to delete the user account if there are good reasons to do this. The reasons for deleting user accounts may be:
1. Inactive account. After registration user hasn't played the game and/or hasn't reached 50 Achievement Points in a month; 100 Achievement Points in 6 months; 150 Achievement Points in a year; 200 Achievement Points in 2 years; 250+ Achievement Points in 3 years.
2. Bug abuse. User exploits errors in the programming "bugs" without telling administrator about it.
3. Use of bots, auto or any other cheating software programs.
4. Multiple accounts.
5. User breaches Dragonrip.com Terms and Conditions.

If you are dissatisfied with Dragonrip.com website or any aspect of it, please contact Dragonrip.com administration via email : dragonripcom@gmail.com.