Winter Event, Magic and more Quests
Winter came and Winter Event with it. Snowman now throws Icebergs, you can mine them for a chance to get Frosty (Special Event Pet). 20 New Quests released and with them New Profession - Magic. Currently 6 Spells to boost you in combat, also with Magic you can Invoke creatures from Wood gaining their power in certain skill.
✬ Improved Winter Event.
✬ New profession - Magic.
✬ 20 New Quests.
December 2019

Spooky, Inventory and Quests
Pumpkin King has returned with his new best friend - Scarecrow! New rewards from this event include: Spooky (seasonal pet), Skull Of Sealed Spirits and Pumpkin Title. Also 3 additional slots added in the barn for seasonal pets only. After +1 minute on Diabolos he can revive one of the 3 last bosses: Nightmare, Predator or Deathlord. Basic inventory space has been increased from 100 to 200. Released 56 New Quests related to Cursed Savanna.
✬ Pumpkin King has returned with even better rewards.
✬ 3 Additional slots for Seasonal Pets in the Barn.
✬ Basic inventory space increased to 200.
✬ 56 New Quests.
October 2019

Clan Update
Loads of Clan Improvements, starting with new building - Clan Vault. Co-leader position removed and instead added Generals, you can have 3 of them in your Clan. New Clan Boss - Earthshaker, new values to bosses. Removed Goat Meat and Gold Bars from Clan resources and added Oak Logs. New improved Clan Log, you can track CP gains as well, reset it at any time.
✬ New Clan Building - Vault.
✬ Improved Clan Log.
September 2019

Woodworking, Staffs and Bonfires
New profession - Woodworking has been released. New type of weapons introduced - Staffs. You can get them from Fighting Fields or by using Woodworking profession. Ash Arrows introduced, you can make them with Woodworking profession. Bonfires released, different sides can work towards different bonfires for additional boosts. Barn added, where you can store your Pets with their current levels.
✬ New profession - Woodworking.
✬ New Main-Hand Weapons - Staffs.
✬ Global Hourly Boost - Bonfires.
August 2019

Market Improvements
New Taxes and Time durations in the market, also market history has been released, so you can always see what did you sell and for how much. Timestamp added to the private messages. Market Requests have been added so you can request items you need. New GOH level limits and Boss Health increase.
✬ Market History.
✬ Market Requests.
July 2019

Quartz Titan
Summer Event released, Quartz Titan - Great new rewards from Quartz Shards. You can access website with shorter url: "dragon.rip", also increased Max Gold in Bank from 200,000,000 to 500,000,000 Gold. From now on while trying to vendor red or purple item you will get confirmation box. XP and growing time for Herbalism Plants adjusted. New Plants to grow and new potions to brew (Powerful and Divine).
✬ New Event - Quartz Titan.
✬ Shorter url: "dragon.rip".
✬ Herbalism adjustment and New Potions.
June 2019

Aquantula and Grim Bison
Ore requirement for Mithril, Adamant, Titanium, Galadian, Safrite and Amarthium bars has been reduced. 2 new animals released to hunt: Aquantula and Grim Bison. New things to craft with skins of these animals.
✬ Ore reduction for Bars.
✬ New animals to hunt and armor to craft.
May 2019

Azure Ocean and Haunted Necropolis
Two New Fighting Fields released: Azure Ocean and Haunted Necropolis. 3 new mining deposits: Safrite, Amarthium and Coal Seam (3x Coal) and new things to smith with these ores. Challenge rework. New Challenges - You can choose what you want to do.
✬ Two new Fighting Fields.
✬ 3 new mining deposits and new things to smith.
✬ Challenge rework.
April 2019

Beastmastery, New Titles and Colors
Beastmastery released. With this profession you can train your Pets, trained Pets have special Perks to help you with Combat, Experience gain and Professions in general. New titles and colors, some of these can be bought from Dragon Token Shop. You can allow other players to view your Equipment and Pets.
✬ New profession - Beastmastery.
✬ New Titles and Colors.
✬ You can see other players equipment if they allow it.
March 2019

New Summoning Fields and Weekly Tops rework
Bank sorting added for the most used items. Two new Summoning Fields released: Menace Of The Highlands and Revenants Of The North. From now on for winning Second place in weekly tops you will get 20 Skill Points, for winning Third place you will get 200,000 Gold.
✬ Bank Sorting.
✬ Two new Summoning Fields.
✬ Players who won Second and Third places in weekly tops get rewards.
✬ Other small changes.
February 2019