New Summoning Fields and Weekly Tops rework.
Bank sorting added for the most used items. Two new Summoning Fields released: Menace Of The Highlands and Revenants Of The North. From now on for winning Second place in weekly tops you will get 20 Skill Points, for winning Third place you will get 200,000 Gold.
✬ Bank Sorting.
✬ Two new Summoning Fields.
✬ Players who won Second and Third places in weekly tops get rewards.
✬ Other small changes.
0.94February 2019

Hell Change and New Pets
Hell changed in many ways. The damage you deal doesn't alter your final reward from Hell chest anymore. There is possibility to get Dragon Essence from it. New trigger and introduction of a final Hell boss, which gives great rewards. 6 New Pets released, Max Gold in the Bank increased to 200 millions and other small changes.
✬ Big change on how Gates of Hell work.
✬ 6 New Pets released.
✬ Other minor changes.
0.93January 2019

Winter Event and new features
Winter Event released. This event will be available till 21st of January. New Event created - Blaze. Similar to Ace, both share the same Cool down, only difference that Blaze gives Combat Experience each hit. New Exploration Zone released: Deep Woods. New interface for your posted items in the market. Soon to expire offers are on the top. "Pick All" button in Herbalism introduced.
✬ Winter Event.
✬ New Event - Blaze.
✬ New Exploration Zone: Deep Woods.
0.92December 2018

Captcha change and New Combat
Captcha changed from numbers to images, also for completing captcha you get Wild Captcha Points. New type of fishing released - Great Net Fishing. You can reset your level points with Dragon Tokens. Weekly and Monthly Raffle released. For Weekly you need to have 200 Achievement Points, for Monthly 300 Achievement Points. New combat, less words and generally better looking. Updated Skill Page, increased limit for Skills, 4 new Skills introduced.
✬ New Captcha and Wild Captcha Shop.
✬ Fishing Update.
✬ Weekly and Monthly Raffle.
✬ New skills and combat look.
0.91November 2018

New Content and Halloween Event
From now on you can find all information about Fighting Field, Dungeon and Summoning Monsters in the Monster Wiki. Fighting Field 9 (Elm Woodland), Dungeon 9 (Shadow Maze) and new Summoning area (Shadows Of The Mountain) released. New Mining deposit, armors and weapons to smith, animals to hunt, equipment to craft. Also for Recruiting a friend you can get a reward. Halloween event released. It will be available till 21st of November.
✬ Monster Wiki.
✬ New Fighting Field, Dungeon and Summoning.
✬ New Content for some of the professions.
✬ Halloween Event.
✬ Rewards for recruiting a Friend.
0.9October 2018

Dragonrip Raffle, New Purples and Grand Materials
Dragonrip Raffle introduced. It is a daily event in which you can win Gold and Skill Points, all you need to do is pay 1 Gold Piece. You can make Gold Pieces with Gold bars. Between 1-5 Fighting Fields new purple items added. Now 1 and 2 Fighting Fields will have 2 purples, others 4. All previous damaged items have been removed and replaced with special damaged items. You can restore these damaged items with Grand Bars and Grand Leathers. After restoration these items will have blue rarity. You can upgrade these items to Ancient (Purple rarity), but in order to do so, you will need Ancient Fossil. Ancient Fossil can be found in Fighting Fields.
✬ Daily Dragonrip Raffle.
✬ New Purple Items.
✬ Grand materials to repair damaged items.
0.88September 2018

Arctic Ruins, Quests and Inventory
New event introduced. Randomly between 4-8 hours Ace will appear in Arctic Ruins. After killing him, frenzy will be released. 34 more quest added and a slight change to them. Inventory changed a lot, it will help you to keep track on the most important things in the game. Few other modifications like: Forum messages will count towards chat achievement and Take all button introduced to the pets inventory.
✬ New Event - Arctic Ruins.
✬ 34 more Quests.
✬ Inventory change.
0.87August 2018

Summoning and New Dungeons
New profession released - Summoning. In order to summon someone you will need Goblet of Death and a blood sacrifice. After killing summoned monster you will receive bonus XP in certain professions. There is possibility to get elements for Special Summoning from gathering professions. Two new dungeons - Volcanic Crater and Frozen Halls. Gold bank implemented. In order to use Gold bank you need to click on your gold and you will need to pay extra 5% tax for the gold you will deposit.
✬ New profession - Summoning.
✬ Two new dungeons.
✬ Gold Bank.
0.85July 2018

Health Change
Health needed to be more important, so from now on instead of 2 health points you will receive 5 for 1 level point. A lot of health items changed, they have been improved to give more health. It is possible to change your title and color in the Tavern.
✬ Health improvement.
✬ Color and Title change.
0.83June 2018

Weekly Tops
Weekly Tops released. You will be able to compete with everyone in the game by doing actions in certain categories. Weekly Tops will be running between Monday and Saturday, Sunday is the day off. Weekly winners will win Soul Stone III and the Badge in their profile, in addition to that, they will always be in the Hall of Fame as champions of that week. Other general modifications like players profile update and bank shows item stats.
✬ Weekly action tops.
✬ Players Profiles update.
0.82May 2018