April 2024
[10 ✬] Inventory Bag sizes increased by 1.5x. Golden Dragon now offers 2000 Inventory space instead of 1000.
[07 ✬] Dragonguard Pass Bounties and Slayer released.
[06 ✬] Charm of Death and Draconite Jewelcrafting released.
[02 ✬] New Raid released - Hellfire Nightlands.

March 2024
[29 ✬] New tree - Moria released, also new staff to make.
[28 ✬] New creature to hunt - Dragonling released, also new armors to craft from Dragonhide.
[27 ✬] New ore - Dragonstone released, also new weapons and armor for Dragonstone blacksmithing.
[24 ✬] Dragonguard Pass released (Fighting Fields).
[01 ✬] Treant Elder is back! Spawn time is between 3-4 hours after kill. Event will last till 19/05/2024.

January 2024
[27 ✬] Basic Stamina increased from 400 to 500. Every Slayer level Stamina will increase by 5 instead of 4. Captcha will be appearing every 12 hours (previously 8) and you will be able to complete it 2 hours prior (previously 30min). Captcha Points increased from 1-5 to 3-5. Max Total for Health and Mana has been increased for Auto-consume.
[17 ✬] Basic Health increased from 100 to 250. Every Combat level Health will increase by 5 instead of 2.
[14 ✬] Clan Wars have new Special Land, it increases Relic Drop Rate by 25% and it is the only one on the Map. Monsters from Grim Mountain and Desolated Tombs won't be appearing in the Clan Wars map anymore.

December 2023
[11 ✬] New Skill released - Relic Sight.
[10 ✬] Relics released. Luck potions provide more Gold and increases Dragons Gold gains.
[01 ✬] Snowman is back! Spawn time is between 3-4 hours after kill. Event will last till 18/02/2024.

November 2023
[28 ✬] Basic Bank size increased from 1000 to 1200. Phoenix Feather now restores up to 1000 Health and Stamina. Health Potion and Stamina Potion restore up to 1000 too.
[01 ✬] Summoning Materials can now be requested (Except Goblets of Death). Claiming your Daily Quest reward will now give 10 Goblets of Death instead of 7. Claiming 300 Quest Point reward from Monthly Quests will give 100 Goblets of Death instead of 50. From Hell Chest you will get the same amount of Goblets of Death as Skill Points, previously it always was only 1.

October 2023
[21 ✬] Deathmonger and Nephilim set bonuses released. On the Ace/Blaze kill you will get Hailstone/Firestone instead of the gem, also Dragon's Gold gains increased on normal hits by +1. After buying something in the market you will see how much gold exactly you spent by buying.
[01 ✬] Pumpkin King is back! Spawn time is between 3-4 hours after kill. Event will last till 19/11/2023.

September 2023
[07 ✬] Rankings for monster kills released, you can check your rank by going to Tavern -> Monsters and choosing the category. Reaching 100, 150 and 200 Pet Levels will have General chat announcement. Artisan Mastery will count towards challenge.

July 2023
[22 ✬] Hell updates: Health increased for Predator and Deathlord. If you have -100% Damage reduction, your damage will be between 10-20 (accuracy helps), critical strikes and other special attacks increase your damage like they should. Ace/Blaze has new rarity - Mythic (Frenzy 1 hour and a half). With higher rarity boss Dragon's Gold/Damage you receive/Chance for instant kill increases.
[07 ✬] Option to do Multiple Summoning (up to 10 at a time) added. Potion Of Heroes now is required for the whole fight, not only while Summoning, if your Summoning level is too low.
[02 ✬] Price for Summoning items in the Golden Dragon Shop slightly reduced. Deathmonger and Nephilim sets, missing Mythic Reaper items and Mythic Demon Axe have been added to the Golden Dragon shop.

June 2023
[01 ✬] Quartz Titan is back! Spawn time is between 6-8 hours after kill. Event will last till 31/08/2023.

May 2023
[31 ✬] Basic Stamina has been increased from 200 to 400. Market and Request equipment tax increased from 1 to 2%, max tax for equipment - 500k. Duration for market items has been doubled, for requests increased slightly. Adding Gold to the bank tax reduced from 2.5% to 2%.
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