November 2021
[15 ✬] Better pickaxe will have a slightly higher chance to drop an Uncut Diamond. Jewelcrafting XP has been doubled from Enchantment. Artisan LVL Potions will work with Enchantment if you need higher Jewelcrafting level to enchant your items.
[14 ✬] Diamonds released. You can get them while Mining (very small chance). With Diamonds you can enchant Weapons and Shields. For Weapons you get Attack, for Shields - Defence. Magic XP has been doubled for Enchantment and Disenchantment.

October 2021
[11 ✬] All Pets that you have equipped in the main Pet slots(3) will provide bonuses: experience boost, 1+ and 100+ level abilities, even if the pet is in training or just doing nothing. Combat bonuses and pet inventory size will only be provided by the follower.
[02 ✬] Dreadlord and Rulers Of The Underworld added to the Rifts. Once added to the market equipment will stay for 28 days (before 14).
[01 ✬] Pumpkin King is back! Spawn time is between 3-4 hours after kill. Event will last till 21/11/2021. Event items now have their own slots in the Equipment page, you have to equip them to get additional event currency. Beware, once equipped item is lost forever.

September 2021
[26 ✬] By clicking on the item you can now see the average market price for it. For equipment last 100 sales, for other things 10000.
[20 ✬] Potions of Heroes now increase Summoning LVL too.
[19 ✬] Purple items from Eternal Purgatory, Necromancer and Wight King Sets added to the Golden Dragon.
[14 ✬] New different spirit invocation limits, now max basic is 4 (before 8), but with each 10 magic levels you get additional spirit slot up to magic level 120 with 16 available slots. Auto-mana consumption increased by 1.5x.
[13 ✬] For most Attack Spells Mana cost and XP has been reduced. Slightly increased Mana gains for Ghost from 5 to 6, Mana Potion from 10 to 12, Strong Mana Potion from 15 to 18, Powerful Mana Potion from 20 to 24 and Divine Mana Potion from 25 to 30. Max limit for the same spirits increased from 250,000 to 500,000.
[03 ✬] Daily and Weekly Raffle prizes slightly increased. Monthly Raffles changed: 400 AP Raffle will contain Pyromaniac and Bloodlord, 500 AP Raffle Revenant and Valkyrie, 600 AP Raffle Vanquisher and Dryad set items. Clan Leaders and Generals can now take any item from the Clan Vault without any level restriction.

August 2021
[28 ✬] 3 New Weekly Tops added - Woodworking, Jewelcrafting and Invocations (All of them starting next week). Rewards changed: 1st. place - Soul Stone IV instead of Soul Stone III, 2nd. place - 25 Skill Points instead of 20, 3rd. place - 500k gold instead of 200k.
[18 ✬] Clan Mana Pool added to the Magic tab, if you are not in the clan or you drank all daily clan mana, it won't show up. All options to get more Inventory space has been doubled.
[16 ✬] Basic Inventory size increased from 250 to 500. Auto-fish consumption added to the Summoning and regular Rifts.
[15 ✬] Design for Summoning slightly changed, you can click on the monster icon to summon it, also new option added to do 2 summons in a row.
[09 ✬] You can now follow Clan Task progress on your Task tab, to activate it just go to your Clan -> Clan Games and below you will see this option.
[08 ✬] Plants growing time added to the Task tab.
[07 ✬] You can now instantly click on the current assigned slayer monster in the sidebar. Auto-Meat consumption increased by 2.5x, MAX total increases by 100 stamina each 10 Slayer levels (before 40). Purple item drops from fighting fields will be announced in the General Chat.
[05 ✬] Each Clan now has Clan Mana Pool, it can be found in the Clan level up page. Clan Buildings Hiscores changed to Clan Level Hiscores. Now Auto-Mana consumption MAX total increases by 200 each 10 Slayer levels (before 100).

July 2021
[28 ✬] Evergreen Carvings and Invocations released. Diabolic Aura price reduced from 75 to 50 Dragon Tokens.
[23 ✬] Clan Games released. More information in the Clan Page.
[12 ✬] Starting Clan Member space reduced to 4, but now you get +2 instead of +1 for each building level up to 24 max, before 20. Starting Clan Vault size increased from 20 to 100, for each building level you get +40 more space, before only 20.
[04 ✬] New Summoning Field released - Rulers Of The Underworld.

June 2021
[29 ✬] New Dungeon - Ancient Crypt released.
[22 ✬] You can set to do two dungeons instead of one for a higher cost.
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