July 2022
[13 ✬] Monthly Quests released. They can be found in Home -> Quests. You can now attack players within 20 combat level limit in the Arena.

June 2022
[19 ✬] Basic Bank Space increased from 500 to 1000. Also now you can buy 2000 Bank Space from Golden Dragon, instead of 1000.
[17 ✬] For all Bank Chests Bank Space increased from 100/200/300/400/500 to 150/300/450/600/750. Mythical Bank Chest added (1000 Bank Space). Roberts 100 LVL ability changed to "25% Chance to get additional Spike while blacksmithing Spikes." Bank Chests are now available for everyone to make.
[01 ✬] Quartz Titan is back! Spawn time is between 6-8 hours after kill. Event will last till 31/08/2022.

May 2022
[27 ✬] New Raid released - Forsaken Ruins. Raid monster stats reduced (except for Darkfire Volcano). Costs for creating Raiding parties and joining them reduced (except for Darkfire Volcano). If you die 3 times against Raid Boss, you won't be able to attack him again and won't get his treasure. Chat message will appear after each death while fighting Raid Boss.
[22 ✬] Dragon Keys have been updated (Some new things added, couple things removed).
[11 ✬] Raid Party Leaders can disband raids before the raid start now. Atlas Island bosses are slightly weaker. All mini bosses will have the same chance for Pet food (1/5).
[04 ✬] Small captcha change, from now on while doing artisan profession (like crafting or cooking and etc.) actions won't stop for captcha, unless you click somewhere else, similar to gathering. All level limits for Hell bosses increased, from 80-120, to 85-125. Some bosses will have more health, from Abomination to Nightmare.
[03 ✬] Dragon Essence will work while Jewelcrafting. Soul Stones have been reworked. They now show how much XP you would get in each skill before using. Magic added to the Soul Stones too. Minimum required level added according to the power of the Soul Stone, from 5 to 25.

April 2022
[30 ✬] Redwood Carvings and Invocations released.
[25 ✬] All Hiscores have been updated. If you are not in the Top 20, down below you will be able to see 2 players in front of you and 2 players below. From now on you can also click on the names too.
[14 ✬] New section added in the Hiscores, called "Overall Hiscores". You can see all Hiscore positions in one place. Also after 1 day, you can update to see the change, if you went up or down. Overall Hiscores will update automatically if your last visit was more than 30 days ago once you visit that page.
[08 ✬] Stamina Cost reduced for doing dungeons twice, new option added to do dungeons 3 times in a row.
[05 ✬] Elm Carvings and Invocations released. Woodchipper 100+ lvl ability is working now.

March 2022
[18 ✬] Armor Spikes and Reinforcements introduced. These can be made with Blacksmithing (Spikes) and with Crafting (Reinforcements). Spikes provide basic Attack and Reinforcements basic Defence stats. You can add them in the auto-consumption tab. They can break, 1/25 chance, if they break they will be consumed and lost.
[08 ✬] New Raid released - Atlas Island.
[05 ✬] Diamonds will drop more often from the Higher level boss Treasures. All members contributions (Hits/Damage Dealt towards last boss) will be showed once Raid boss is killed.
[01 ✬] Treant Elder is back! Spawn time is between 3-4 hours after kill. Event will last till 08/05/2022.

February 2022
[24 ✬] Ace/Blaze got their kill announcements returned. Now when you get killed by their special attacks (1/300 chance), you get unique stones. Both give the same amount of Gold and Experience.
[20 ✬] Raids released. Monster stats can be found in the Monster Wiki.

January 2022
[27 ✬] Mythic items from Fighting Fields, Dungeons and Summoning now provide set bonuses.
[26 ✬] Dragon's Gold reward from the Rift Warden has been doubled. Boss Token Bosses now can drop uncut Diamonds (1/24 chance) and uncut Amethysts (1/12 chance). Clan Bosses will give twice as much gold to the clan if the clan reward is gold.
[11 ✬] Mana increased from Ghost and Mana Potions. Mana auto-consumption slightly increased as well. All spells changed except for Wind Force.

December 2021
[06 ✬] Market sorting by cheapest cooked fish for Gold/1 Health and meat for Gold/1 Stamina has been added.
[01 ✬] Snowman is back! Spawn time is between 3-4 hours after kill. Event will last till 13/02/2022.
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