May 2023
[15 ✬] Clan Wars released.

April 2023
[10 ✬] Meat Auto-consumption for Raids and Summoning has been added. (Summoning auto-consumes once stamina drops to lower than 25%). Once you click on the item you want to buy or request you want to fill, you can see sellers/requesters title and name in color, you can also click on it to see the profile.
[08 ✬] Clans can now have 1 more member, new Clans will have 5 member slots (before 4) and max will be 25. Equipment can now be sorted in the Clan Vault. Health for Clan Bosses has been doubled.
[06 ✬] Basic Clan Vault size has been increased from 100 to 500. Each Clan Vault level will add 100 (instead of 40) to the Clan Vault size. Clan Vault max level changed from 10 to 20.
[04 ✬] New Settings added, you can now hide "Remove Pet" Button, show equipment only to your clan members, show tools and charms. Health Rings and Amulets have been changed to attack and defence, from now on only Capes have Health stats.
[01 ✬] Basic Inventory has been increased from 500 to 1000. Captcha increased to 8 hours. Potions will last 6 minutes instead of 5. Spikes and Reinforcements now has 1/30 chance to be consumed while battling (before 1/25). For every Summoning monster kill your Clan will get 5 Clan Points. For every Dungeon completed from 10 to 15 Clan Points depending on the dungeon.

March 2023
[29 ✬] Party Leaders can now repeat raids, if everyone has setting ON. If player doesn't hit Big Boss at least 1/4 times compared to the person who did Most hits, he will get his reward reduced.
[27 ✬] Belial and Watchers Of The Darklands added to the Rifts. You can now fuse your Riftstones to make a higher tier Riftstones. Class/Side can be changed every 7 days instead of 30.
[24 ✬] Official Discord released -> https://discord.gg/PdXqPJf8tM
[18 ✬] Forum has been split into 2 parts: General and Suggestions. In Suggestion part each suggestion can now be discussed as separate topic and messages liked/disliked. If Suggestion has an answer from me or it is already in development, it will be market as such.
[17 ✬] New Daily Raffles introduced: 200 AP Raffle for Runes I and 300 AP for a Gem Bag. Changed 1 weekly Raffle to Dragon's Gold and 1 New Weekly Raffle added for a chance at Ancient Mana Potions. Revenant/Valkyrie sets removed from Raffle and instead Dragon's Gold has been added. Required amount of Gold Pieces to enter some of the Raffles has been reduced.
[09 ✬] New Summoning Field released - Watchers Of The Darklands.
[01 ✬] Treant Elder is back! Spawn time is between 3-4 hours after kill. Event will last till 14/05/2023.

February 2023
[28 ✬] New Dungeon - Bloodfall Den released.
[16 ✬] All monster can now be attacked in Hell by all players. If your level is above 80 (Plaguemaster), 100 (Evil Eye) and 120 (Hound), you will do only 1 Damage to these monsters. Timer added in the Task tab to show when Hell ends.
[05 ✬] Dark Knight and Abomination combat level restrictions removed. Damage reduction added for players that reached certain combat level while fighting Dark Knight, Abomination and Decayer. New Combat level limits for Plaguemaster - 80, Evil Eye - 100 and Hound - 120.

January 2023
[17 ✬] Stamina will increase by 4 each time you level up Slayer (before increased by 2). Auto-consumption for Fish will work while fighting Rift Warden. You can now see all the bounties even if you have an active bounty. If you have access to certain fighting field, you can take all bounties from that fighting field too (before it was restricted by your combat level).

December 2022
[23 ✬] Auto-consumption size for Fish has been doubled, it will consume 2x more fish at a time to provide more health. Auto-consumption for Mana potions has been doubled too. Number of possible requests increased from 3 to 5 (berserk from 6 to 10).
[13 ✬] Option to do 3 summons in a row added. You can now set to consume Special Summoning materials automatically with any number of Summons. General Store will open in the tab that you have been the last time.
[08 ✬] Basic Health has been increased from 50 to 100, it will increase by 2 with each Combat level (before increased by 1). Potion Of Warriors gained effect of Heroes Potion.
[01 ✬] Snowman is back! Spawn time is between 3-4 hours after kill. Event will last till 12/02/2023.

November 2022
[26 ✬] Tools are now upgradable. Old tools have been removed and everyone got the gold back in their banks. XP from Tools has been Doubled. Gold tax for depositing gold in the bank reduced from 3% to 2.5%. Max Gold in the Bank increased to 10B.
[09 ✬] Bounties are now divided into 2 categories: Low Level (Toxic Wetlands-Neverending Tundra, Spider Cavern-Volcanic Crater, Wardens Of The Forest-Menace Of The Highlands) and High Level (Elm Woodland-Eternal Purgatory, Frozen Halls-Ancient Crypt, Revenants Of The North-Rulers Of The Underworld). You can now put 3 different requests (with Berserk 6). Inventory can be increased by another 2500 with Dragon Tokens.
[02 ✬] Tools(Bows, Pickaxes, Axes, Hooks and Sickles) are untradable now. Potion Of Warriors will provide 35% attack and defense instead of 30%. If you decide to cancel exploration, you will get XP for the time that passed, but no items. Event Pets can now be sold to NPC for 2.5M.

October 2022
[16 ✬] New tier of Plants to grow with Herbalism and New Potions to brew with Alchemy. Mana increased for Ghost, all Mana Potions and Relic of the Dragon Lords.
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