June 2024
[05 ✬] Monster Hiscores for Fighting Fields, Dungeons and Summoning added to Monster Wiki. Warning before upgrading Tools added. Raid Counter added on Raiding Menu. Raid Drops (Purple, Red, Mythic) will be announced in Raid chat too. For killing Quartz Titan you will get Quartz Titan Chest Key.
[01 ✬] Quartz Titan is back! Spawn time is between 6-8 hours after kill. Event will last till 31/08/2024.

May 2024
[28 ✬] Small changes to Hell and Valhalla: Damage will increase by 2% every hit/training instead of 1%. Dragon's Gold gains slightly increased for every hit on Ragnarok Bosses. Small exploration changes: More Balls of Wool, less Iron bars. Less chance for Luck Pot, but you will get better luck potion every 10 levels on exploration starting with Spider Nog. Added Cooked Fish, it will scale with Exploration level too starting with Carp.
[26 ✬] Celestial Aura has been released. It is a Global +25% XP boost, similar to Diabolic Aura with different perks. After Portal to Valhalla closes, 15 minutes of this boost will be released. Also it is possible to buy it with Dragon Tokens.
[24 ✬] Valhalla progress added to the Task Tab. Progress will be announced in the General Chat every time Nidhogg frees himself from divine roots (Profession actions help the progress). Valhalla Masters now provide 7x your profession level XP (before 5x). Fighting Diabolos and Nidhogg gives you 1/3 to get either: 1. Skill Points, 2. Random Gems, 3. Goblet of Death or Gold, to summarize less Goblets of Death and Gold reward, more Skill Points and Gems.
[07 ✬] Ability has been added for Generals to be able to kick players from Clan, if clan leader didn't login for 90 days. Health has been reduced to all Hell monsters by 1000. Profession relics can now be dropped from Valhalla Chest (750+ Achievement Points required), improved Dragon's Gold gains from Ragnarok monsters also instant kill gives you Runes I.
[04 ✬] Hell has been reworked. On monster kill you will get Skill Points equal to rarity of that monster. Chance for Combat Relic added from Hell Chest Reward, you need to have Combat level 75+ and do enough hits, Higher Combat level + More Hits = higher level relic. Diabolos can now drop Goblets of Death too.

April 2024
[26 ✬] Recruit a Friend rewards improved, 400 and 500 Achievement Point tiers added.
[22 ✬] Valhalla Event released.
[10 ✬] Inventory Bag sizes increased by 1.5x. Golden Dragon now offers 2000 Inventory space instead of 1000.
[07 ✬] Dragonguard Pass Bounties and Slayer released.
[06 ✬] Charm of Death and Draconite Jewelcrafting released.
[02 ✬] New Raid released - Hellfire Nightlands.

March 2024
[29 ✬] New tree - Moria released, also new staff to make.
[28 ✬] New creature to hunt - Dragonling released, also new armors to craft from Dragonhide.
[27 ✬] New ore - Dragonstone released, also new weapons and armor for Dragonstone blacksmithing.
[24 ✬] Dragonguard Pass released (Fighting Fields).
[01 ✬] Treant Elder is back! Spawn time is between 3-4 hours after kill. Event will last till 19/05/2024.

January 2024
[27 ✬] Basic Stamina increased from 400 to 500. Every Slayer level Stamina will increase by 5 instead of 4. Captcha will be appearing every 12 hours (previously 8) and you will be able to complete it 2 hours prior (previously 30min). Captcha Points increased from 1-5 to 3-5. Max Total for Health and Mana has been increased for Auto-consume.
[17 ✬] Basic Health increased from 100 to 250. Every Combat level Health will increase by 5 instead of 2.
[14 ✬] Clan Wars have new Special Land, it increases Relic Drop Rate by 25% and it is the only one on the Map. Monsters from Grim Mountain and Desolated Tombs won't be appearing in the Clan Wars map anymore.

December 2023
[11 ✬] New Skill released - Relic Sight.
[10 ✬] Relics released. Luck potions provide more Gold and increases Dragons Gold gains.
[01 ✬] Snowman is back! Spawn time is between 3-4 hours after kill. Event will last till 18/02/2024.

November 2023
[28 ✬] Basic Bank size increased from 1000 to 1200. Phoenix Feather now restores up to 1000 Health and Stamina. Health Potion and Stamina Potion restore up to 1000 too.
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