February 2018
[24 ✬] Added a way to leave Clan. It will cost you Combat Level x 1000 gold. Gold will be added to Clan Resources.
[24 ✬] From now on you can do Gates of Hell while you are exploring, because it's World event.
[24 ✬] Doubled Clan log size.
[24 ✬] Arena is released now. It's in the BETA version currently. Have fun.
[22 ✬] This Sunday will be 24 hours frenzy. Starting 23:59 24/02/2018 and ending 23:59 25/02/2018.
[14 ✬] Now you can see how many fishes and meat you need to eat to get full stamina or health.
[14 ✬] Resources now have categories in market. You can also sort them by price by clicking Price EA.
[14 ✬] Combat items now have categories in market. You can also sort them by price by clicking Price EA.
[10 ✬] You can start exploring Abandoned Fortress.
[06 ✬] You can check your registration date by clicking your profile image.
[06 ✬] Frenzy works on Blacksmithing and Crafting now too.
[01 ✬] This weekend will be 48 hours frenzy. Starting 23:59 02/02/2018 and ending 23:59 04/02/2018. Good luck everyone!

January 2018
[30 ✬] You can now eat fish and meat in stacks.
[28 ✬] You can now check the last time a member of your clan has logged in in Members section.
[28 ✬] You can send your pets to explore. New Profession released.
[24 ✬] Created Hiscores for Exploration and Challenges Completed.
[24 ✬] Modified Achievement Page. You can find it in Tavern -> Achievements.
[23 ✬] You can earn Achievement Points by completing challenges.
[23 ✬] Smaller scale News created.
[10 ✬] New profession released - Exploration. In order to start exploring you will need to acquire pet, you can do so in the general store.
[05 ✬] Market tax introduced.
[04 ✬] Skills added to the game. You can earn Skill Points by doing challenges.

December 2017
[16 ✬] Clan Vault and Clan Log added to the Clans. Pickaxe and Mining Update.
[13 ✬] Voting System released.
[06 ✬] Introduction of new Event called Frenzy. It doubles your profession and fighting experience while it is active.
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