September 2018
[28 ✬] While Mining Coal you will get 25 Mining XP instead of 20. Accordingly Adamant and Titanium Blacksmithing will get slightly more XP. Increased Gold bar XP from 50 to 150, to make it less painful for Clans.
[27 ✬] Ancient Fossils added. You can get them from Fighting Fields (rarity 1/25000). These items will be required to create Ancient Items with Blacksmithing and Crafting.
[27 ✬] Between 1-5 Fighting Fields new purple items added. Now 1 and 2 Fighting Fields will have 2 purples, others 4.
[27 ✬] All Damaged items have been removed and replaced with other damaged items(required for blacksmithing and crafting).
[19 ✬] From now with Gold bars you can make Gold Pieces. Gold Pieces are required to enter Dragonrip's Daily Raffle. Only 1 entry per day.
[02 ✬] On 15/09/2018 dragonrip game will celebrate 1 year anniversary. For this occasion Frenzy will be active between 13/09/2018 23:59 and 16/09/2018 23:59. Thank you for playing! :)

August 2018
[26 ✬] From now on you will need to have at least 50 achievement points to buy Dragon Tokens from Dragon Token shop.
[23 ✬] Added Take All button in the pets inventory. After killing summoned creatures you will get 1/3 More Combat XP then before.
[15 ✬] New Global Event released. Arctic Ruins.
[13 ✬] Small change to the "Gates of Hell" event.
[11 ✬] New quests introduced. Small rework made on quests. Currently 85 quests in total.
[05 ✬] Inventory change.
[01 ✬] Small changes in the forum. Also forum messages will count towards Message achievement.

July 2018
[31 ✬] This Saturday will be 24 hours frenzy. Starting 23:59 03/08/2018 and ending 23:59 04/08/2018.
[31 ✬] Created section for Frequently Asked Questions, you can find it in Tavern. Also increased market tax to 2% for: Ores, Bars, Skins, Leathers, Raw Fish, Raw Meat and Potion materials and to these materials added 5% cancellation fee.
[31 ✬] From now on equipment will stay whole week in the market instead of 48 hours. Pets, Pickaxes, Bows and Bags included. Also increased max price to 99,999,999 gold.
[30 ✬] From now on for completing captcha you will get bonus Combat XP which you can use in fighting fields.
[22 ✬] Starting on 23rd of July Summoning Weekly Tops will be working.
[20 ✬] From now on you can get Goblet of Death from Hell chest. Also no more minimum level requirement against hell monster. Increased Hell chest gold reward by 20%.
[20 ✬] Added Summoning into the challenges and into the Soul Stones.
[17 ✬] Small changes to the Hiscores, also added Summoning Hiscores.
[16 ✬] Released Gold Bank. If you wish to deposit gold, click on your gold in the inventory. Remember, it will cost you 5%.
[16 ✬] From now on you can buy only 20 Goblet of Death per day from the market. Also while exploring your pet can find Goblet of Death.
[15 ✬] Summoning is released. More information can be found in the forum.
[05 ✬] Dungeons have chat now. Also released two more dungeons. Be careful in dungeons, formula has changed.
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