October 2018
[16 ✬] Slightly reduced Summoning XP for Roamers Of The Desert. Bonus XP and Summoning XP will always be +50 XP higher then the monster before. Increased Gold Gain from Summoning A Lot. Reduced Scarab, Fleshhunter and Hannibal Health.
[14 ✬] From now on for Recruiting a friend you can get rewards. More information in the Tavern.
[12 ✬] Added new animal to hunt. Also added new things to craft.
[10 ✬] Halloween event released. It will be available till 21st of November.
[10 ✬] Added new mining deposit - Galadian. Also new equipment to smith.
[09 ✬] Fighting Field 9 (Elm Woodland) released.
[05 ✬] Messages updated. You can see nickname colours and message that you sent to another player. Also message limit increased to 200 (Auto deletion of messages).
[04 ✬] Dungeon and Summoning Monster Wiki released. Tormentor attack increased by 30.
[03 ✬] Information about Fighting Field Monsters released. You can find it in Tavern -> Monsters.
[01 ✬] Grand Leathers released. With Grand leathers you can restore damaged items. After restoring items, you can upgrade them with Ancient Fossils to purple rarity.

September 2018
[30 ✬] Grand Bars released. With Grand bars you can restore damaged items. After restoring items, you can upgrade them with Ancient Fossils to purple rarity.
[28 ✬] Starting with Obsidian Bar you will get more XP for making bars, less XP while making armor and weapons. In general it will be the same amount of XP, but more divided between bar smelting and armor-weapon making.
[28 ✬] While Mining Coal you will get 25 Mining XP instead of 20. Accordingly Adamant and Titanium Blacksmithing will get slightly more XP. Increased Gold bar XP from 50 to 150, to make it less painful for Clans.
[27 ✬] Ancient Fossils added. You can get them from Fighting Fields (rarity 1/25000). These items will be required to create Ancient Items with Blacksmithing and Crafting.
[27 ✬] Between 1-5 Fighting Fields new purple items added. Now 1 and 2 Fighting Fields will have 2 purples, others 4.
[27 ✬] All Damaged items have been removed and replaced with other damaged items(required for blacksmithing and crafting).
[19 ✬] From now with Gold bars you can make Gold Pieces. Gold Pieces are required to enter Dragonrip's Daily Raffle. Only 1 entry per day.
[02 ✬] On 15/09/2018 dragonrip game will celebrate 1 year anniversary. For this occasion Frenzy will be active between 13/09/2018 23:59 and 16/09/2018 23:59. Thank you for playing! :)

August 2018
[26 ✬] From now on you will need to have at least 50 achievement points to buy Dragon Tokens from Dragon Token shop.
[23 ✬] Added Take All button in the pets inventory. After killing summoned creatures you will get 1/3 More Combat XP then before.
[15 ✬] New Global Event released. Arctic Ruins.
[13 ✬] Small change to the "Gates of Hell" event.
[11 ✬] New quests introduced. Small rework made on quests. Currently 85 quests in total.
[05 ✬] Inventory change.
[01 ✬] Small changes in the forum. Also forum messages will count towards Message achievement.
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