July 2018
[31 ✬] This Saturday will be 24 hours frenzy. Starting 23:59 03/08/2018 and ending 23:59 04/08/2018.
[31 ✬] Created section for Frequently Asked Questions, you can find it in Tavern. Also increased market tax to 2% for: Ores, Bars, Skins, Leathers, Raw Fish, Raw Meat and Potion materials and to these materials added 5% cancellation fee.
[31 ✬] From now on equipment will stay whole week in the market instead of 48 hours. Pets, Pickaxes, Bows and Bags included. Also increased max price to 99,999,999 gold.
[30 ✬] From now on for completing captcha you will get bonus Combat XP which you can use in fighting fields.
[22 ✬] Starting on 23rd of July Summoning Weekly Tops will be working.
[20 ✬] From now on you can get Goblet of Death from Hell chest. Also no more minimum level requirement against hell monster. Increased Hell chest gold reward by 20%.
[20 ✬] Added Summoning into the challenges and into the Soul Stones.
[17 ✬] Small changes to the Hiscores, also added Summoning Hiscores.
[16 ✬] Released Gold Bank. If you wish to deposit gold, click on your gold in the inventory. Remember, it will cost you 5%.
[16 ✬] From now on you can buy only 20 Goblet of Death per day from the market. Also while exploring your pet can find Goblet of Death.
[15 ✬] Summoning is released. More information can be found in the forum.
[05 ✬] Dungeons have chat now. Also released two more dungeons. Be careful in dungeons, formula has changed.

June 2018
[22 ✬] Changed some stats of equipment with health, more information in forum. Now with max defense against monster you can get hit by 1 - 20% of the time. Before it was ~ 16%.
[21 ✬] Health changed and all your level points you invested in health are returned to you! Be careful while fighting your health equipment is in inventory now!From now on for 1 level point you get 5 health.
[20 ✬] Removed possibility to get skill point from treasure chest. Instead added possibility to get x3 Colors of the Rainbow potions and x10 Four Leaf Clovers.
[17 ✬] You can change your color and title in the Tavern -> Settings.
[15 ✬] Created Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. In order to play this game, you need to agree with terms and conditions and privacy policy.

May 2018
[28 ✬] Added chat in boss token and clan beast fights. Also removed time you needed to wait before clan beast appeared.
[22 ✬] You can find all previous weekly winners in the Tavern -> Hall of Fame. Also from now on you can see equipment stats in the clan vault.
[20 ✬] You can see equipment stats in the bank now, also reduced required coal for adamant and titanium bars.
[13 ✬] Added Weekly action tops. You can find them in Tavern. They will start on Monday and will End on Saturday midnight each week.
[09 ✬] Players Profiles updated.

April 2018
[30 ✬] You can't plant seeds and harvest plants while exploring anymore, but you can use Soul Stones on Herbalism and Alchemy. Also added challenges for these professions.
[29 ✬] Fighting Frenzy and Profession Frenzy combined into Frenzy.
[28 ✬] Two new professions released Herbalism and Alchemy.
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