July 2020
[25 ✬] Few Hell Changes. New starting Hell message, Dragon's Gold in the Hell Chest, Different Hell Chest reward calculations, only your Hits and Combat level matters.
[21 ✬] Characters classes with class related bonuses released. You can change your Class in Dragon Token Shop, first change is for free, others will cost as usual 10 DT's. After changing your Class there will be 30 days cooldown.
[10 ✬] New Pet released - Wyrm.
[07 ✬] Sickles (Tools for Herbalism) released in the General Store.
[05 ✬] Shadow Strike, Titanium Pickaxe and Axe price reduced from 200M to 125M Gold. 4 New Bows, Pickaxes and Axes added to General Store. Small XP boost applied to all Bows, Pickaxes and Axes. Higher chances to hunt for all bows, basic still the same - 30%.
[02 ✬] Goblets Of Death added to the Slayer Shop. You can now request: Ancient Fossil Shards, Ancient Fossils and Sunken Treasures (Miscellaneous). Reduced minimum amount for Raw Goods requests from 50 to 20.

June 2020
[29 ✬] Golden Dragon released. You can get Dragon's Gold (1-4) every hit on Ace/Blaze.
[21 ✬] Dragon's Gold can be dropped in: Fighting Fields, Dungeons, Rifts and while working on professions (Except Exploration and Beastmastery).
[17 ✬] From now on Global Chat message will appear once player reached maximum Skill level. New Skill - Wealth Of The Dragons released, it's for upcoming Golden Dragon update (Miscellaneous Skills).
[15 ✬] Araneidae Carvings and Spirits released (Birch). From now on you can get Woodworking XP from Soul Stones and Woodworking Bonus XP from Runestone Of Summer.
[13 ✬] Maple invocations released.
[11 ✬] News updated, both Home page and In-game news will be written at the same time.
[10 ✬] Basic inventory space has been increased from 200 to 250. Also new bag released (Crafting).
[07 ✬] Leviathan and Tyrants Of The Deep Sea added to the Rifts. Marauder and Pyromaniac sets are working in the Rifts against Dungeon Bosses. Occultist and Valkyrie Sets are working in the Rifts against Summoning Bosses.
[06 ✬] New Summoning Field released - Tyrants Of The Deep Sea. Also New Raffles for advanced players (400/500 Achievement Points required.).
[04 ✬] New Dungeon - Boundless Abyss released.
[01 ✬] Quartz Titan is back with his new Pet - Beelzebufo! Spawn time is between 6-8 hours after kill. Event will last till 31/08/2020.

May 2020
[09 ✬] Rifts released. In order to open a Rift you will need Riftstones, which you can get while fighting in dungeons or summoning. More information in the forum.

April 2020
[25 ✬] No more global message on the boss token kill, global message will appear only if you get Mythic item. From now on you can see your active referrals in the Tavern -> Recruit a Friend. Also you can choose when to claim your reward.
[18 ✬] Mythic items released. They are extremely rare and very powerful items that can be dropped in Fighting Fields, Dungeons and Summoning. Upon drop a player will get a Global chat announcement.

March 2020
[29 ✬] Diabolic Aura has been released. It is a Global +25% XP boost. After Gates of Hell closes, 10 minutes of this boost will be released. Also it is possible to buy it with Dragon Tokens.
[24 ✬] Magic Spell powers changed, you can check new powers by Clicking on Magic -> Spells. From now on while trying to vendor Blue items or Gems you will get a confirmation box asking if you truly want to sell those items.
[22 ✬] New Fighting Field released: Eternal Purgatory. Slayer for Eternal Purgatory added. New GOH level limits for Plaguemaster - 70 instead of 60 and Evil Eye - 80 instead of 75.
[18 ✬] You can use referral link instead of invite number to invite your friends. More information: Tavern -> Recruit a Friend.
[15 ✬] New creature to hunt - Magmarox released, also new armors to craft from Magmarox leather.
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