June 2021
[20 ✬] Set item drops from Dungeons and Summoning will be announced in the General chat. Purple items have been removed from Dungeons.
[16 ✬] Switching/removing health items will not cause unexpected health loss. You will be getting slightly more Dragon's Gold per hit on Ace/Blaze, before 1-4, now 2-5.
[15 ✬] Diabolic Aura time after Hell increased from 10 to 15 minutes. If you do enough hits in Hell and you have Magic unlocked you can obtain Diabolical Seal (Item cannot be traded). It restores your Mana in exchange for your Health.
[14 ✬] Magic challenges (Invoke Spirits) added. Dungeon challenge change - if you selected lower tier challenge, you can now do higher dungeons too and it will count towards completion. Auto-Mana consumtion MAX total increased for each 10 Slayer levels - 100 more (before 80).
[13 ✬] Monsters stats have been adjusted. Rift bosses now have 25x (compared to normal dungeon/summoning) increased drop rate for the Set items and Mythic Equipment.
[03 ✬] Enchantment released. To enchant the item you need to go to the Professions -> Magic -> Enchantment. Item must be in your inventory. Only items with 40 combat level requirement or above can be Enchanted.
[01 ✬] Quartz Titan is back! Spawn time is between 6-8 hours after kill. Event will last till 31/08/2021.

May 2021
[15 ✬] Health slightly increased for the last 4 bosses in Hell. If you are playing War of Hades, you can now see skeleton rising times in your Task tab.

April 2021
[27 ✬] While gathering (Mining, Fishing, Hunting or Cutting Wood) Captcha no longer appears, which means you will continue to do actions until your inventory is full. Relic of the Dragons Lords, SoSS and EotS added to the requests.
[24 ✬] New Attack called Chaos Rip released. It is the strongest attack possible 15-25x your normal damage. It is tied to Chaos charm. Higher charm level, higher chance to hit the attack.
[19 ✬] Hollowhead 1+ ability released. Leaders and Generals can release 1 hour Global Frenzy as a whole Clan with the Dragon Tokens in the Clan Resources, option available if there is no upcoming or current frenzy.
[14 ✬] Ignore option added to the game. Click on Players profile to Ignore. To access Ignore List, go to the Messages.
[10 ✬] Undead Dragon released for War of Hades (more information in the War of Hades information page). You get 3/4 Deathmarks by defending, compared to attacker, before it was 1/2.
[05 ✬] Seed limit increased from 1000 to 10000. Bank now has Logs/Carvings tab. Bank Gold limit increased from 1B to 2.5B. You can add 4x more fish for auto-consumtion in fighting fields.
[04 ✬] You can now buy Bank Space with Dragon's Gold. Unique item limit (400) added to the bank to reduce potential server issues in the future. You can buy more Inventory Space and Bank Space with Dragon Tokens.

March 2021
[27 ✬] SoSS and EotS can be used up to 4 hours. Equipment can't be taken from Clan Vault if Clan Member doesn't have required level to equip it (Minimum -5 Combat level).
[22 ✬] Charm of Chaos released. Magic needs to be unlocked in order to Empower it.
[20 ✬] Max invocations limit increased from 100,000 to 250,000. You can now cut/combine Amethysts with Jewelcrafting profession.
[09 ✬] Captcha Minutes removed from Wild Captcha Shop and all Captcha Points that were used for Captcha minutes returned. New Captcha time - 4 hours. After being 6 hours offline you will get 4 hours free of Captcha instead of 2.
[04 ✬] Global Frenzy added as permanent option in the Dragon Token Shop. Reduced Woodworking level requirement to create Ash Arrows, from 5 to 1.
[01 ✬] Treant Elder is back! Spawn time is between 3-4 hours after kill. Event will last till 02/05/2021.

February 2021
[05 ✬] War of Hades Minigame released.

January 2021
[10 ✬] Boss Token boss health, damage and rewards increased, death penalty added. New Hell level limits for Plaguemaster - 80, Evil Eye - 90, Hound - 100, Dark Knight - 110.
[08 ✬] Auto-consumption in Fighting Fields for Health, Stamina and Mana added, it can be accessed in the second (equipment) tab. Mana Auto-consumption works for Invocations too.

December 2020
[12 ✬] New Equipment tab released. It shows your current equipment and combat potion timers. Price reduced for Diabolic Aura, from 100 to 75 Dragon Tokens.
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