April 2020
[18 ✬] Mythic items released. They are extremely rare and very powerful items that can be dropped in Fighting Fields, Dungeons and Summoning. Upon drop a player will get a Global chat announcement.

March 2020
[29 ✬] Diabolic Aura has been released. It is a Global +25% XP boost. After Gates of Hell closes, 10 minutes of this boost will be released. Also it is possible to buy it with Dragon Tokens.
[24 ✬] Magic Spell powers changed, you can check new powers by Clicking on Magic -> Spells. From now on while trying to vendor Blue items or Gems you will get a confirmation box asking if you truly want to sell those items.
[22 ✬] New Fighting Field released: Eternal Purgatory. Slayer for Eternal Purgatory added. New GOH level limits for Plaguemaster - 70 instead of 60 and Evil Eye - 80 instead of 75.
[18 ✬] You can use referral link instead of invite number to invite your friends. More information: Tavern -> Recruit a Friend.
[15 ✬] New creature to hunt - Magmarox released, also new armors to craft from Magmarox leather.
[13 ✬] New ore - Hellite released, also new weapons and armor for Hellite blacksmithing.
[05 ✬] Spring Event (Reaper's Garden) released, Treant Elder spawn time is between 3-4 hours after kill. Event will last till 03/05/2020.
[01 ✬] You can request Staves and Bank Chests now. Finished Goods minimum request amount changed from 20 to 10. Pet Space has been doubled.

February 2020
[26 ✬] Basic Captcha time increased from 150 minutes to 180 minutes. From now on you are able to complete Captcha 15 minutes before it is due.
[19 ✬] Chat/Forum Achievement has been removed. General chat Instant death messages from Ace/Blaze has been removed.
[09 ✬] Basic bank size increased from 200 to 500. You no longer need Dragon Tokens to create clan, instead gold price has been increased to 5,000,000 Gold.
[09 ✬] Tax for Gold deposit in the bank reduced from 5% to 3%. Max Gold in Bank increased to 1,000,000,000 Gold. You can throw Wood Carvings into the Bonfires, they will fill bar 2x as fast as the same type of log would.

January 2020
[28 ✬] New Summoning Field released - Lurkers Of The Perilous Woods. Also you won't be able to drink from Witches cauldron if your mana is full.
[19 ✬] Pyromaniac Set Bonus has changed. Current Bonus: +10%/20%/30% more Attack and Defence against bosses in Dungeons. Also you can see your exact Attack and Defence in different places (Check Equipment).
[15 ✬] Partial bonuses are working on Summoning Sets (2/4), Druid ability slightly increased. Drake 100+ lvl ability increased from +10% more Bonus XP to +15% more Bonus XP.
[14 ✬] Partial Dungeon Set bonuses for 3/6/9 pieces of armor introduced.
[10 ✬] From now on you can see how many Mana Potions you need to drink to fill up your Mana. Also Aeon Chestplate and Aeon Leggings defence increased by +5. Instead of 10 Iron bars you can get 10 Deadly Nightshades from Treasure Chest.
[08 ✬] You can create Amethysts with Magic. Also Magic Bonfire added.
[07 ✬] Invocations from Willow wood creatures released.
[04 ✬] Invocations from Pine wood creatures released.

December 2019
[30 ✬] Staves are more powerful now.
[20 ✬] New wood creatures from Pine and Willow released.
[18 ✬] New profession - Magic released. More information in the forum.
[18 ✬] 20 New Quests released.
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