June 2019
[13 ✬] From now on while trying to vendor red or purple item you will get confirmation box: "Are you sure you want to sell this item?". New Event messages which stay at the top of each chat channel.
[11 ✬] You can access website with shorter url: "dragon.rip", also increased Max Gold in Bank from 200,000,000 to 500,000,000 Gold.
[01 ✬] Summer Event released, Quartz Titan spawn time is between 6-8 hours after kill. Event will last till 31/08/2019.

May 2019
[09 ✬] Released 2 new animals to hunt: Aquantula and Grim Bison. Also released new things to craft.
[02 ✬] Reduced ore requirement for Mithril, Adamant, Titanium, Galadian, Safrite and Amarthium bars.

April 2019
[30 ✬] Challenge rework. New Challenges - (You can choose what you want to do), Old challenges - (Some values changed). Random random challenges were removed.
[10 ✬] Released new weapons and armour for Blackmithing: Safrite and Amarthium. From now on to make 1 Grand Bar of any type you will need 50 regular bars.
[09 ✬] Released 3 new mining deposits: Safrite, Amarthium and Coal Seam (3x Coal). Reduced Coal requirement for Titanium Bar from 4 to 2 and for Galadian Bar from 6 to 4.
[08 ✬] New Fighting Field released: Haunted Necropolis.
[06 ✬] New Fighting Field released: Azure Ocean.
[01 ✬] 48 hour Frenzy will be activated between 23:59 12/04/2019 - 23:59 14/04/2019. :)

March 2019
[20 ✬] You can allow other players to view your Equipment and Pets. To do so just go to the Tavern -> Settings. Also "Fill Up Stamina" has been removed from Dragon Token Shop.
[16 ✬] New Additional titles and colors available from Dragon Token Shop.
[14 ✬] New titles and colors. All titles have been reset to Newbie so don't forget to change them in Tavern -> Settings.
[12 ✬] All Gold that you invested into basic Clan Attack and Defense has been returned to your Clan resources. Clan Attack and Defense has been removed and in the future will be replaced with something better.
[06 ✬] You can use Soul Stones on Beastmastery and Exploration. New timer for Beastmastery below Inventory.
[04 ✬] Beastmastery released. Information about Pets can be found: Home -> General Store -> Pets -> All information about the Pets. Other information can be found in the forum.

February 2019
[26 ✬] Dragon Token Shop Update: Removed "Fill Up Health", because nobody was buying anyway and added a little bit of information before buying inventory/bank space.
[13 ✬] From now on for winning Second place in weekly tops you will get 20 Skill Points, for winning Third place you will get 200,000 Gold.
[12 ✬] Market Update: You won't be able to stack more than 5 stacks of the same item if it cost 2% tax to place it in market.
[10 ✬] Two new Summoning Fields released: Menace Of The Highlands and Revenants Of The North.
[08 ✬] Bank sorting added for the most used items.
[07 ✬] Goblet Of Death market daily limit increased to 100. Profession Experience Skill will work on both personal and pet Exploration.
[07 ✬] 24 hour Frenzy will be activated between 23:59 13/02/2019 - 23:59 14/02/2019 to celebrate Valentines Day.

January 2019
[26 ✬] 6 New Pets released, Max Gold in the Bank increased to 200 millions.
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