January 2019
[26 ✬] Hell Changes: Evil Eye, Nightmare, Predator and Deathlord health increased. First 4 monsters have max level cap at 40,60,80,100 combat levels.
[25 ✬] All pets have been unequipped. In order to have your pet as follower, you need to choose Slot for your Pet and after that you need to set that pet as your Follower in Beastmastery page.
[14 ✬] Hell reworked: New trigger and introduction of a final Hell boss. Market rework: When someone buys your item, you will be informed how much gold you got from sale.
[12 ✬] Removed time limit to complete dungeons and added timer instead.
[11 ✬] Your Hell Chest reward will depend on: your Combat Level, how many hits you did, how many bosses are killed. Small chance of getting Dragon Essence from Hell Chest. Easier to get 1 Skill Point, it is possible to get 2.
[11 ✬] Hell changes: If you get a kill in Hell, you will always get uncut gem (before it was possible to get cut version). Dealing more damage doesn't alter your final reward from Hell Chest (You can deal 1 or 100 damage, reward will be the same).
[02 ✬] Adjusted Gold and XP from Dragon Keys. Also new reward is possible: Soul Stone I. You have exactly 1% chance of getting one from Dragon Key.

December 2018
[24 ✬] Frenzy will be activated between 23:59 24/12/2018 - 23:59 25/12/2018 and 23:59 31/12/2018 - 23:59 01/01/2019. You will able to win prizes during the Frenzy time, so keep an eye on the Chat. Happy Holidays! :)
[23 ✬] "Pick All" button in Herbalism introduced. You can only pick all plants if you have all 9 patches filled with the same type of plant.
[22 ✬] New interface for your posted items in the market. Soon to expire offers are on the top.
[15 ✬] New Exploration Zone released: Deep Woods.
[04 ✬] New Event created - Blaze. Similar to Ace, both share the same Cool down, only difference that Blaze gives (Combat Level * 3 + Charm Of Knowledge) Combat Experience each hit.
[04 ✬] Ace change. From now on each hit will give you (Your Achievement Points + Charm Of Greed) Gold. Cool down reduced from 4-8 hours to 4-6 hours.
[01 ✬] Winter Event release. It will be available till 21st of January.

November 2018
[29 ✬] Updated Skill Page, increased limit for Skills, 4 new Skills introduced.
[28 ✬] New combat look.
[25 ✬] Winter is Coming and the best way to start it with Frenzy! 24 hours Frenzy will be active between 30/11/2018 23:59 and 01/12/2018 23:59. :)
[14 ✬] From now on Boss Damage is working against Summoning Monsters. For Voting in Voting Booth you will always receive 1 Skill Point.
[11 ✬] Weekly and Monthly Raffle released. In order to access Weekly Raffle you need to have 200 Achievement Points, in order to access Monthly Raffle you need to have 300 Achievement Points.
[10 ✬] If any new contest/voting/commenting is introduced, raven icon will appear. Once you click on it, it will disappear. You will always be able to access it in tavern.
[09 ✬] From now on you can reset your level points with dragon tokens.
[07 ✬] Few adjustments in FAQ and Beginners Guide.
[06 ✬] New type of fishing released - Great Net Fishing. Also fastest fishing for specific type can be reached when your fishing level is 30 levels higher than required level.
[02 ✬] New Captcha released. Wild Captcha Shop is open.

October 2018
[29 ✬] Removed red text from the top that said: "Gates of hell are open". Instead added Global chat message when Gates of Hell are open. Released "Plant all" button for Herbalism.
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